Baranduin (baranduin) wrote in baranduinfics,

Title: On Parth Galen
Author: Baranduin
Rating: PG
Characters: The Fellowship
Disclaimer: Don't make a profit.
Summary: For the "Difference Choices" challenge on tolkien_weekly. I've developed quite a taste for this challenge.
Warning: Death.

Had they sat too long around their small campfire on the shores of Nen Hithoel? Perhaps, though they were all alert. Maybe that was the problem, for all their alertness was directed toward Frodo. He tried, in halting words, to explain why he must take the path east. And then their attention was bent on persuading him not to go alone.

So they did not hear the orcs approach, not even Aragorn. In the space between two breaths, the Fellowship was surrounded.

Faramir drew his sword and sheltered Frodo with his body, but the arrows flew and found their mark.

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