February 12th, 2007


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Author: Baranduin
Title: The Long Winter
Challenge: Foreyule—write a story based on a folk custom, folktale, superstition, legend (or urban legend) from any folk tradition in the world
Rating: G
Pairing/Characters: Sam, Elanor, Gandalf, Isumbras III, a couple of OMCs and one possible Maia
Word Count: ~5,800
Warnings: No slash, much of fic happens during the Long Winter.
Summary: What really happened during the Long Winter as it was passed down to Sam, who passes it on to Elanor one snowy night at Bag End.
Author's Notes: This is for the very first waymeet challenge. Thanks to semyaza for letting me post this fic about 1-1/2 years late! Other notes appear at the end of the fic. Thanks to claudia603 for a fabulous beta reading! You asked just the right questions and pointed out the things I’d meant to include but forgot.

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