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Baranduin's Fics

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This is a fics-only journal for baranduin. Eventually I plan to archive all my fanfic here.

You might notice that this journal is set up as a community rather than just as a journal. I've done that as a convenience for myself. This way I can post to this journal without having to log out of my everyday journal and into this one. Since this is not really a community, I have set it up so that it is a closed one. Please feel free to friend it, but it just won't behave like most communities.

I hope that makes sense! Feel free to contact me at baranduin98055@yahoo.com if my explanation is confusing.

This journal will be arranged such that the top of the recent entries page will contain links to specific categories of fic (Mary Renault fics, Courtyard of the White Tree, Frodo/Faramir Fics, and so on). Hopefully that will make things fairly easy to navigate. Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: While every story entry on this journal contains an individual disclaimer, please note that I make no claims to ownership and I make no financial profit.

This journal contains stories with adult content. If you are not old enough in your part of the world, please do not friend this journal or read it.

alexander the great, alexias, aman, amon hen, amon lhaw, anduin, apollo, aragorn, arda, ariadne, armenelos, arwen, athelas, athens, avallone, bagoas, bagshot row, barad dur, baranduin, barbara vine, bilbo, black riders, boromir, brandywine river, bree, brokeback mountain, buckland, bucklebury, bywater, caradhras, caras galadhon, cerin amroth, crete, crickhollow, dark lord, delphi, dion, dionysios, ea, edoras, elessar, ennis del mar, ents, eomer, eowyn, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfiction, fangorn forest, faramir, fire from heaven, four farthings, fpf, fps, frodo, funeral games, gen, gondor, greece, grey havens, halflings, helm's deep, henneth annun, hobbiton, hobbits, hollin, isabel winwood, isen, isengard, ithilien, ivo steadman, jack twist, knossos, lord of the rings, lothlorien, lysis, mary renault, mathom, meriadoc, merry, minas anor, minas ithil, minas morgul, mirkwood, misty mountains, moria, mount doom, mycenae, nazgul, nen hithoel, nikeratos, niko, nimrodel, numenor, old man willow, orodruin, osgiliath, parth galen, peregrin, perian, pheriannath, pipeweed, pippin, pirithoos, plato, rivendell, rohan, romenna, rosenkavalier, rpf, rps, samwise, sauron, slash, socrates, strider, sweet galenas, syracuse, telcontar, the charioteer, the favonia, the green dragon, the high hay, the hill, the kestrel, the king must die, the lonely isle, the marish, the mask of apollo, the old forest, the persian boy, the praise singer, the shire, the two towers, the water, theseus, thettalos, tim cornish, tol brandir, tolkien, tom bombadil, treebeard, valinor, valmar, vana, withywindle

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